Funding and Cost Recoverability

Overview, like a number of other programs in TTS, does not receive annual appropriations from Congress and must therefore be cost-recoverable. This means that the program must eventually cover its operating expenses through the money it charges the partner agencies that leverage its services. was created in 2017 and is still on the path to full cost-recovery, currently expected by 2024.

Cost-recoverability has a number of consequences for First, it means that it is not our mission to make money, so any cost-savings we achieve will ultimately result in lower costs for our partners. It also means that in general we are incentivized to operate as efficiently as possible to ensure we can achieve and sustain cost-recoverability.

For more information about’s funding and cost-recoverability please see All things money.

Funding During Government Shutdown will continue to operate in case of a temporary lapse in Federal government appropriations.