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  • 18f/identity-hostdata Gem that provides functionality for our Ruby applications on our EC2 infrastructure to download secrets and read configs.

  • 18f/identity-loging Gem that sets up common log formatting and configuration for Rails applications

  • 18F/omniauth_login_dot_gov Provides an Omniauth strategy for that helps other projects integrate with more easily. Some use cases include the identity-dashboard as well as Touchpoints, USMC and

  • 18f/identity-validations Gem that provides shared validations for the ServiceProvider model across the IDP and dashboard

  • 18f/identity-telephony (Archived) Gem that provides a common interface for voice and SMS features across multiple vendor backends. This code has been moved into the IDP codebase.

  • 18f/identity-doc-auth (Archived) Provides a library for performing document authentication. This code has been moved into the IDP codebase.

  • 18f/identity-proofer-gem (Archived) Provides a generic interface around identity proofing (IDV, identity verification) that is implemented by other proofers. This code has been moved into the IDP codebase.

  • 18f/identity-lexisnexis-api-client-gem (Archived) Implementation of the identity-proofer interface for LexisNexis. This code has been moved into the IDP codebase.

  • 18f/identity-aamva-api-client-gem (Archived) Implementation of the identity-proofer interface for AAMVA for drivers licenses. This code has been moved into the IDP codebase.

Example Applications

Platform and Infrastructure


  • 18f/identity-design-assets A place for the design team to version and store design assets (illustrations, sketch files, etc.)

Static Sites


All repos should have the following permissions. They can be changed by a current admin under “Settings” > “Manage Access” in Github.

Group Name Role
identity-admins Admin
identity-core Write
identity-partners Read
identity-ro Read

We should not have any individual access, only team access.

Repository Permissions Screenshot

Email Notifications and Filters

Default settings for GitHub can generate a lot of email that can be tough to sift through. Here are some strategies for helping manage these notifications:

  1. Create Gmail filters to help highlight mentions:

    • A filter to get emails out of the Inbox
      Skip Inbox, Apply label: github

    • A mentions/me filter to highlight Pull Requests you’re participating in (such as being tagged as a reviewer) to:me
      Apply label: github-me


    Gmail GitHub filters

  2. In GitHub, only have notifications on for repositories you care about (unwatch all others). The 18F org has many repos that do not affect For example, set up “All Activity” for identity- repos, and “Participating” for all others.

    Key Repositories Other Repositories
    All Activity Participating

Running CI Outside of a Pull Request

Engineers may want to run CI before submitting their code for review. For example, this can be a helpful way to check that all tests pass. To run CI on a branch without creating a pull request:

  1. Push the up to date branch to github
  2. Navigate to
  3. In the drop-down below Run for branch name or tag, select the branch for which you’d like to run CI

Sharing Work With Other Engineers

Engineers might want to share work with other engineers, such as before starting a pairing session. To share work without creating a PR, consider using github’s “compare” feature.

  1. Push the up to date branch to github
  2. From the repo’s home page, select the branch
  3. Click “Contribute” and select the left button, “Compare” ExampleUseOfCompare
  4. Share the resulting url, eg, with your fellow engineer.

Additionally, here is a script called git-cmp that allows you to generate github compare urls from local branches.

Code Reviews

See Pull Request Review