TTS Onboarding

TTS Talent has their own onboarding checklist in Google Drive that they share with new employees. The Login.gov tab on that document has one item, a link to this page in our handbook.

Login.gov team onboarding documents

Each Login.gov team has their own personalized GDoc/Onboarding Template / Checklist, you’ll get one of these documents when you start at Login.gov.

For all new Login.gov team members to complete themselves

  • Familiarize yourself with the Login.gov Handbook
  • Watch a Login.gov authentication overview
  • Watch a Login.gov identity verification overview
  • Watch a Login.gov security overview
  • Review the Login.gov org chart
  • Review the Login.gov Design System
  • Complete GSA OLU IT Security Awareness Training, including accepting the GSA IT Rules of Behavior, which is required before we can give you access to any Login.gov systems. If you joined GSA more than two months ago, you’ve already completed this task. (Detailees must complete similar organization driven training and provide as proof to Login.gov team members)
  • Schedule virtual tea/coffee meetings with your team lead, other members of your team, and anyone else! Tea is just a short (~20 min) one-on-one video meeting with the purpose of getting to know each other.
  • Once you’ve been added to Slack:
    • Make sure your account is set up like this.
    • Make sure to join #login, the main announcement channel for our team
  • Make sure your GitHub account is set up like this.
  • Request access to relevant Google Groups.
  • Add the Login.gov Shared Calendar to your Google Calendar:
    • First make sure you are added to our core federal or contractor Google Group.
    • Join the Login.gov shared calendar
    • Click “Add” when prompted to add the calendar
    • You should see “Login.gov shared calendar” under “My Calendars”
  • Add a signature to your GSA email account like this:

    Human Person
    Login.gov Chief of Kittens
    Technology Transformation Services
    U.S. General Services Administration

Additional Steps for Engineers and Technical Staff

For non-GSA employees

Physical access to GSA HQ at 1800 F

Any government employee or contractor can present a PIV card to the guards to gain access to the building.

To get card-reader access to the building, visit OMA Security and have them configure your PIV card to open the turnstiles. OMA Office Hours are Monday - Thursday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, room B338.