Product Demo Recordings

This article describes a few simple tips and tricks for creating a product demo with a mobile device.


  • On an iPhone or other iOS device, you may need to change your settings to enable screen recordings. Apple provides instructions on how to do so in their knowledge base.
  • You may want to create an Apple Note to act as a “title slide.” This might be a good way to introduce the demo, and provide future viewers with context about what they’re about to see.
  • You may want to use a non-production environment such as dev (or possibly the OIDC dev sample app); especially if your recording would involve identity information (PII).
  • For identity-related demos, you may want to have a user authenticated and ready-to-go before you start recording. (eg. Don’t start by creating an account unless that’s what your demo is meant to showcase.)

Other tips

  • As a demo recording, viewers may not be as familiar with or the product features you’re trying to showcase. It’s helpful to set context, whenever possible.
  • When creating a screen recording, you should describe what actions you’re taking (eg. “I’m going to scroll” or “I’m going to tap ‘Continue’ now”) so the audience can understand what is happening.
  • You can upload your recording from your iOS device to Google Drive. From there, you can embed it in a presentation or download it on your Mac workstation to use elsewhere.