Sprint Teams

Here are the Login.gov sprint teams, most of them are named after famous women in STEM fields.


  • Namesake: Ada Lovelace, one of the world’s first computer programmers
  • Focus area: Unsupervised remote proofing


  • Namesake: Admiral Grace Hopper, a computer scientist and navy officer
  • Focus area: Inherited proofing


  • Focus area: Equity Study & API


  • Namesake: Dr. Joy Buolamwini, a computer scientist, artist, and activist who has published foundational work on algorithmic discrimination.
  • Focus area: In Person Proofing


  • Namesake: Judy Parsons, As a code breaker working with a secret unit in the US Navy, Parsons was instrumental in deciphering the enemy’s secret codes, but her work went unacknowledged for decades after the war.
  • Focus area: Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud work stream


  • Namesake: Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who was a key part of early NASA spaceflights
  • Focus area: Authentication


  • Namesake: Kimberly Bryant, an electrical engineer who founded Black Girls Code.
  • Focus area: Partnerships Account Managers and Account Management Coordinators


  • Namesake: Mary Poppendieck, a computer scientist and visionary in the application of lean manufacturing principles to the world of software development
  • Focus area: Developer Experience: A new software factory and minimal platform to speed our secure development processes


  • Namesake: Radia Perlman, the inventor of the spanning-tree protocol
  • Focus area: Cloud Infrastructure: The cloud architectures and resources that make up our minimal platform


  • Namesake: Ursula Burns, who has been CEO of technology companies like Xerox
  • Focus area: Partnership website and partner console