Sprint Teams

Here are the Login.gov sprint teams, they’re named after famous women in STEM fields.


Team Ada is named after Ada Lovelace, one of the world’s first computer programmers.

Team Ada is one of the appdev teams that works on the IDP.


Team Grace is named after Admiral Grace Hopper, a computer scientist and navy officer.

Team Grace is the other appdev team that works on the IDP.


Team Katherine is named after Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who was a key part of early NASA spaceflights.

Team Katherine is one of the appdev teams that works on static sites and the IDP


Team Mary is named after Mary Poppendieck, a computer scientist and visionary in the application of lean manufacturing principles to the world of software development.

Team Mary is focused on building a new software factory and minimal platform to speed our secure development processes.


Team Radia is named after Radia Perlman, the inventor of the spanning-tree protocol.

Team Radia focuses on the platform and tools underpinning Login.gov.


Team Ursula is named after Ursula Burns, who has been CEO of technology companies like Xerox.

Team Ursula focuses on partnerships, providing technical support to partner providers as well as code changes to help streamline the process of working with them.