Staffing staffing change process

Follow these steps to re-staff a employee internally.

  1. A lead announces and discusses an idea to re-staff in a weekly staffing meeting. The idea can originate and be bubbled up from anyone on any team.
  2. Create a JIRA ticket in the PeopleOps Board for the staffing change to hold notes including feedback summaries, effective dates, etc.. Feedback should be gathered in a timely manner, aiming for this process to take less than two weeks.
  3. Gather feedback about the change
    1. On both teams, the Product Owner discusses with the Scrum Master and gets feedback.
    2. Lead has a conversation with the human that is changing teams to get their feedback.
    3. On both teams, the Scrum Master informs the team, ex: during stand-up.
  4. This staffing change is included as a topic in weekly staffing meetings. Once all required conversations have occurred and there is no blocking feedback, the employee switches teams. If there is blocking feedback, the employee does not switch teams.
  5. A decision is documented in the JIRA ticket and it moves to Done.