Contingency Plan Training Wargames - Player's Guide

Overview’s “Contingency Plan Training Wargames” are a regular event that use a mix of process practice, chaos engineering, and group troubleshooting to hone skills and improve the readiness of our socio-technical system.

This guide provides some low-lift preparation options to help players feel more prepared to step into unfamiliar roles.

The more familiar a process is, the easier it is to perform in a real scenario. We want to make it easy and fun to participate in our wargames, even if you’re brand new to incident management.

Tech lead preparation list:

Equipment needed:

  • Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
    • This is necessary to use your yubikey, log into infrastructure, etc
  • Yubikey

Useful sites to log into before wargames begin

  • NewRelic
    • Requires SecureAuth login.
  • AWS Console
    • Requires AWS username/password as well as a Yubikey MFA.
    • Use the PowerUser@login-sandbox role
    • Parts of the AWS console you may use:

Useful things to have up in a browser:


  • Fun hat