Windows Virtual Machine Setup

Set up the Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
    A “no root access” error may appear during installation. Ignore it for now.

  2. Download the Windows virtual machine image
    And unzip the downloaded file

  3. Open the VirtualBox app, and use go to File → Import Appliance… to install the virtual machine

  4. Select the .ovf file from the downloaded VM

  5. Continue and use all the default settings

  6. If you start the virtual machine now you will see another nasty root access error. To fix this you need to go to:

    1. System Preferences → Security & Privacy
    2. Click the lock icon in the bottom left to unlock. Make sure your PIV is inserted.
    3. Select Accessibility and click on the plus
    4. Add VirtualBox (it should be in your /Applications folder), and make sure the box is checked
    5. Close System Preferences
  7. Start the virtual machine in VirtualBox (Start → Normal Start)

  8. Log in to the virtual machine

The password is Passw0rd!

Configuring applications for local development

In a Windows virtual machine, the host machine can be resolved at the IP address with VirtualBox’s default network settings. Many applications will bind only to localhost. Refer to the project’s documentation for more information about how to bind to other addresses. Typically, this can be done by passing the host as an environment variable (e.g. HOST= make run).

For the IDP, see: “Testing on a mobile device or in a virtual machine”