Full Offboarding

If a person leaves the program they should have privileges revoked.

For offboarding employee to complete

Review the Leaving TTS page in the TTS Handbook and follow the instructions there.

For offboarding assistant to complete

  • Create an issue in the Interrupts project in Gitlab using the offboard-devops template and ping @login-devops-oncall in Slack to alert them to the new offboarding issue. Tip: view current AWS users
  • Check in #admins-github to ensure that GitHub access for this person has been removed (TTS #people-ops is usually on top of this). If this person is moving elsewhere in TTS ensure they have been removed from identity-* 18F teams, GSA-TTS teams. Cc @github-admins-slack on your request.
    • Note that CircleCI, CodeClimate, and Snyk rights are removed via GitHub integration
  • Using the JIRA Portal, choose Application Access and request that the user be removed from the project (and deactivated if they are no longer working for GSA).
  • Remove from Slack groups.
  • Remove from all accounts
  • Update the org chart

Partial Offboarding

If a person leaves temporarily, for example to fill a Detail, they can have privileges temporarily suspended.

For offboarding assistant to complete