We use Slack extensively!

Channel naming conventions

  • All channels begin with #login-
  • All channels with external collaborators start with #login-partners-
  • Sprint team channels look like #login-team-<name>


Use these to ping a large group of people, without having to @here or @channel a room full of the wrong people.

Oncall Handles

These handles ping oncall engineers, use for emergencies or urgent items.

  • @login-appdev-oncall The application developer oncall
  • @login-devops-oncall The devops oncall
  • @login-deployer The appdev app deployer
  • @login-devtools-oncall The devtools developer oncall

Team Handles

  • @login-devops-team Group to tag the devops team
  • @login-partnerships-team Group to address partnerships team members
  • @login-ux-feds Group to tag the UX federal employees
  • @login-ux-practice Group to tag all of the UX practitioners
  • @login-ux-ops Group to tag the UX Operations team
  • @github-admins-login members of this group can edit identity-core GitHub team membership

Sprint Team Handles

  • @login-ada To tag members of Ada
  • @login-grace To tag members of Grace
  • @login-joy To tag members of Joy


Here are some common Slack Channels for the team

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All-team Channel

  • #login: important

    Channel for the whole team, team-wide announcements and so on

Sub-Team Channels






Sprint Teams

Other Channels