Vendor outage response process

If an outage in a 3rd party vendor is identified, we can manually update the configuration of the IdP to provide error messaging to users in affected flows.

Currently, this is available for the following vendors:

  • vendor_status_acuant
  • vendor_status_lexisnexis_instantverify
  • vendor_status_lexisnexis_trueid
  • vendor_status_sms
  • vendor_status_voice

The possible values are:

  • operational
  • partial_outage (not yet implemented)
  • full_outage

The default value is operational, set in config/application.yml.default

To do the configuration change, edit the configuration (per the guidance here.

Once the restart completes, users in affected flows will be presented with an error message explaining the outage, or redirected to an error page if they are unable to continue.

Once we have received word that the vendor is back up and running, simply re-edit the configuration to delete the vendor status, or explicitly set it to operational.